Untitled (2003)
From series “Imprints of Practice II: Examplings of Play”
Ink on rice paper
36 x 25 inches / 63 x 91 centimeters (unframed)
Shipped from California, USA

0 ($3,000)

Torben Ulrich's note:
5. See note 4. Additionally, black rope marks may be understood as the sequence of possibilities in those mini moments (chronos) of approaching the ball, anticipation now as process, series of micro movements, adjustments, corrections toward the proper moment (kairos), this rightful timing. Even so, as we all know: contingency rules, delightfully.
This applies maybe a little more so with respect to ball here dipped in red. Held in hands with gloves already unevenly smeared in drying ink, ball may be semi-glued to gloves when tossed up to be volleyed (distance of two to three yards) toward rice paper already nailed to wall, making toss and hit a bit extra unpredictable (compared to feel of naked hand and un-inked ball).
But again: leaps of play.

(Number refers to this note, not the work's reference number. These notes can be read on their own and also as an ensemble, or set of concentric circles that can be read both from outside in and inside out. See the full Notes on Balligraphies.)

(See thoughts from Torben Ulrich about some of his works in Notes on Balligraphies.)