From series “Imprints of Practice II: Examplings of Play” (1998-2003)
Ink on rice paper
18 x 24 inches / 46 x 61 centimeters (unframed)
Shipped from California, USA

0 ($2,000)

the ball



Torben Ulrich's note:
10. Red ink on rope, white rice paper, black ink on text, ball. Again, play as Alchemical Theater. Various colors as stages of (performative, peaceful) process.
This time (unlike above, see note 7) read in reverse: grey color of signature (persona in time and space) as starting point, moment of actual move in deeper felt need toward change, early stages of yielding selfhood, opening up, burning barriers, hence a blackening, signifying a dying to dualities, set in motion as dissolving, then coagulating, again and again (opus circulatorium); radiant ball as Black Sun (sol niger), coming toward fullblown stage of nigredo, black text speaking of 'boiling down' implying also a firing up, distilling, slowly, into whiteness, chemical wedding, embraces, white and red elements conjoined, red tincture (on ropes, on paper) as imprints or trackings: toward the fields of Elixir, toward the Stone.

(Number refers to this note, not the work's reference number. These notes can be read on their own and also as an ensemble, or set of concentric circles that can be read both from outside in and inside out. See the full Notes on Balligraphies.)

(See thoughts from Torben Ulrich about some of his works in Notes on Balligraphies.)