Untitled (2003)
From series "Imprints of Practice II: Examplings of Play"
Ink on rice paper
36 x 25 inches / 63 x 91 centimeters (unframed)
Shipped from California, USA

0 ($3,000)

Torben Ulrich's note:
4. Black rope on rice paper, red ball. Black and red inks from Japan blending well with Japanese rice paper. Testing other inks; don't work so well. Testing other paper doesn't work well, lesser degrees of absorption. Rope (from boating stores) to be fully dipped day before, then dried, redipped on day of action, for every sheet of paper.
Narrow parabola of skipping sometimes on one leg, if no parabola seen: marks from one hand-held rope, following through a serving motion: serving as in initiating, engendering play, but also in sense of preserving what has been initiated, persevering in the playful (differently than the conventionally binary division win/lose).
Again, if read in other ways, say, gender terms, Rorschach style, black strokes of rope may of course be seen as figurations of male and females organs, energies, movement of sperm and so on, red ball as ovum, genesis, growth etc. But don't get stuck.
Main point: ball, lines meeting in joyous, open motion, no splitting, no (final, certified) results.

(Number refers to this note, not the work's reference number. These notes can be read on their own and also as an ensemble, or set of concentric circles that can be read both from outside in and inside out. See the full Notes on Balligraphies.)

(See thoughts from Torben Ulrich about some of his works in Notes on Balligraphies.)