Untitled (2003)
From series "Imprints of Practice II: Examplings of Play"
Ink on rice paper
26 x 39 inches / 66 x 99 centimeters (unframed)
Shipped from California, USA

1 ($3,200)

Torben Ulrich's note:
11. Imprints of practice. Practice as continuum. Continuum as (1) staying on, within framework of certain field of expression, or (2) staying on, within framework of certain principles, guidelines, but shifting into a different field of expression. More explicit difference between (1) and (2) would be, say, going from music to architecture. Smaller step would mean staying within field, say ink on rice paper, but shifting, as here, from something predominantly skipped, to something thrown: marks at end of movement, swing, but not involving leaps of feet.
Still bearing in mind: leap as small fired-up moment, leaving space between earth and air; fluidity, flexibility as element of water, when ball of foot, bended knees reconnect with ground.
Again, more figuratively: narrowing of skipped parabola, closer to cluster of singular lines, folded rope now thrown. Throwing movement as swing, as fuller swing of serving motion. Serving not only as initiating play (like calling out in olden days, as in French for ' Hold it', or 'Attention': Tenez!). Serving also as continuum, as ongoing, durational, friendly attention, serving play, serving fellow players, serving fellow beings, serving ending warfare, and further, no end.

(Number refers to this note, not the work's reference number. These notes can be read on their own and also as an ensemble, or set of concentric circles that can be read both from outside in and inside out. See the full Notes on Balligraphies.)

(See thoughts from Torben Ulrich about some of his works in Notes on Balligraphies.)