Untitled (2003)
From series "Imprints of Practice II: Examplings of Play"
Ink on rice paper
31.5 x 45.75 inches / 80 x 116 centimeters (framed)
Shipped from California, USA

1 ($3,500)

Torben Ulrich's note:

1. Within the dimensions of Play. Within the framework of Practice. Practice seen as ways of exploring possibilities of play not constantly caught in the dichotomies of most traditional outcome: this winner, that loser. Play rather as: still in play.
Here, black ink on rice paper, marks by skipping rope. Rope hits paper, placed on ground. Red ink, marks by ball, sent by racquet. Ball hits paper, placed on wall. Grey ink from pen, mark as seal or signature of non-closure. Signature marks paper, placed on board. Sequence of three days in making, wet inks drying.
Rice paper, ink coming from Japan.

(Number refers to this note, not the work's reference number. These notes can be read on their own and also as an ensemble, or set of concentric circles that can be read both from outside in and inside out. See the full Notes on Balligraphies.)

(See thoughts from Torben Ulrich about some of his works in Notes on Balligraphies.)