Torben Ulrich skipping an inked rope onto rice paper Using primarily skipping rope and tennis net, racquet and ball, Torben Ulrich explores play and the athletic event with ink and/or acrylic, predominantly on rice paper. In some earlier series, he often first skipped an inked rope onto the rice paper, which was placed on the ground (left, in a still from Before The Wall). When dry, the paper was then posted or held against a wall and an inked ball was played (not placed), as a sign of ongoing playfulness. Later, a text, might have been added. In the most recent series, a text was often the first step, followed by a served or stroked net, then rope, then ball.

Some works are photographed and the shapes, colors and textures are sampled or played with further digitally and printed on rice paper or other media.

For Ulrich's thoughts on some of his works, see his Notes on Balligraphies.

More about the origins of these works can be found on his website, along with details of exhibits and commissions as well as Ulrich's background and projects in writing, film, music, dance, ballplaying and radio.


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